Helen and Valerie are going to help a lot of people. Their approach is deep and accessible.
-Eleanor W.

Bipolar Update!
I have just listened to the 22nd and 23rd episodes of this fine podcast. This last episode was the second of two devoted Bipolar disorder. It clearly showed the strengths of this podcasting team-clear goals are set and delivered, the shared narration is effective, the information offered is practical, based on research and the guidance suggested comes fromt he hosts' personal experience. It will provedirectly relevant to anyone struggling with long term mental illness or supporting anyone who is, especially Bipolar Disorder.
Helen and Valerie hit it out of the park with these two episodes on Bipolar. There is a wealth of valuable information that so many people can use right now. Thank you.
-Lou W.

Mental Health: Hope and Recovery
The ability to splay ones wounds and mental health history open for the good of others is a rare and selfless gift. Helen Sneed and Valerie Milburn do just that, for both the health and wellness of those with mental health struggles, as well as those supporting them. I highly recommend we open this gift they have so rawly trusted us to explore with them. 
Please, also, share this gift with others.
-Vincent D.
Author of: Suffer Less in Life & Work

Mental health hope and recovery
Hearing their stories and what worked towards recovery, as well as what they do everyday to maintain their recovery is great information. I also like the mindfullness activity at the end of each podcast including adapting activity for walking and driving.

Thank you for the timely reminder that everyday there is HOPE, there is HEALING, there is LIFE!
-Karin M.

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