Mental Health: Hope and Recovery

Mental Health: Hope and Recovery

We live in recovery. So can you.

Helen Sneed and Valerie Milburn have both fought and overcome severe, chronic mental illnesses, and offer an insider’s approach to mental health. They share inspirational true stories and a host of recovery skills. Episodes examine conditions such as depression, anxiety, substance use and eating disorders, self-harm, suicide, and other major illnesses. You’ll learn about treatment options, coping skills, goal setting, relationships, and mindfulness. Helen and Valerie are your peers. They are not a substitute for qualified counseling or other mental health resources. They are not professionals, but they are experts through their own lived experience with multiple mental health conditions. Please join them on their journey.

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Welcome To Our Podcast

Valerie and Helen address the needs and questions raised by all those affected by a mental health condition. Their podcast serves individuals with mental health challenges; their families, friends, and caregivers; and doctors and therapists. Through their hard won knowledge, Valerie and Helen provide wide-ranging, invaluable information on this complex subject and its powerful impact on the lives of millions.

    Episodes Offer:

  • Insiders' true stories of recovery
  • A host of skills and strategies
  • Cutting-edge knowledge about various mental illnesses
  • Breakthroughs in the psychiatric field for researching, understanding, and treating these disorders
  • And guests to explain them

    Helen and Valerie's wealth of hope is based on their many years as living proof that individuals can build rich, rewarding lives despite the profound challenges of mental health conditions.

We live in recovery. So can you. 

                                      Signal Awards Winner!

Helen and Valerie are honored and thrilled to announce that Mental Health: Hope and Recovery has received its third award, the international Positive Change Podcast Award from Speak Up Talk Radio, for it's contribution to mental health recovery.

Being recognized as a forceful positive voice in the mental health arena, a landscape often viewed negatively, is extremely rewarding to Helen and Valerie. The award winning podcast recently won two national Signal Awards, which recognize and celebrate those who raise the bar in the podcasting industry. 

They are especially grateful that the episode Parenting Skills for Symptomatic Parents has been honored with this award, because this episode offers skills and strategies for the inexhaustible challenges of parenting while struggling with a mental health condition. Please access this valuable resource for parents and other family members, along with all other episodes on our Episode page, and listen now!



Latest Episodes

The Healing Power of Animals and Pets
June 30, 2024

The Healing Power of Animals and Pets

The Healing Power of Animals and Pets is a revelation and celebration for Helen, Valerie and listeners everywhere. The positive impact of animals on people with mental health challenges is as uplifting as it is irrefutable. Science shows that the closeness and touch of a pet can stimulate mood-enhan...

It’s More than a Job: The Role of Work in Mental Health Recovery
May 31, 2024

It’s More than a Job: The Role of Work in Mental Health Recovery

In this important episode, Valerie and Helen explore the subject of work and its critical role in recovery. For people with a mental health condition, work is a weighty challenge that can evoke anxiety and fear, hopes and dreams. Given their extensive backgrounds in the workplace, both successes and...

Thriving in Mental Health Recovery
April 30, 2024

Thriving in Mental Health Recovery

In this episode, Valerie and Helen pursue the holy grail of recovery—thriving in the aftermath of mental illness. For centuries, the ability to thrive would seem almost inconceivable, as traditional treatments focused on the cessation of symptoms and basic survival. But recent studies prove that thr...

What Our Listeners Say

"Thank you for the timely reminder that every day there is HOPE, there is HEALING, and there is LIFE!" - Karin M.


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