Loneliness Part Two: Pathways to Connection
Mental Health: Hope and RecoveryMarch 25, 2024

Loneliness Part Two: Pathways to Connection

Loneliness has been declared the new American epidemic by the U.S. Surgeon General. Its destructive impact on an individual life and on society as a whole was explored in the previous episode. Nowhere is loneliness more debilitating and dangerous than for those with mental health challenges.

In this second part, Valerie and Helen provide multiple methods for overcoming loneliness through relationships, skills and strategies, goal setting, social activities, and community. Their research shows the impact loneliness has on the brain, and how the brain is hardwired to need and seek human connection for basic survival. In light of this human necessity, science now shows that the brain distorted by loneliness can be regenerated through new behaviors, beliefs, and practices. Do not miss this opportunity to learn about new pathways of recovery from the loneliness epidemic.

Find Helen and Valerie online at www.mentalhealthhopeandrecovery.com

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