Men and Mental Health: The Facts and a Personal Perspective
Mental Health: Hope and RecoveryDecember 02, 2023

Men and Mental Health: The Facts and a Personal Perspective

This is the first of an unprecedented two-part series. Valerie and Helen dig deep into the similarities, differences, and clashes between the genders as they deal with mental health challenges. In this episode, they begin with Men and Mental Health. As they explore the male response to symptoms, treatment, and relationships, some surprising and often disconcerting differences come to light. For there is a paucity of research about men and mental illness. They often wage a very different battle for recovery than women do. Helen and Valerie are fortunate to have a featured guest, Rob Dye, tell his remarkable story of struggle and recovery, and explain much about the often different male reactions to psychiatric illnesses and available treatment. The episode is an eye-opener for men and women. Please join in. This episode will be followed by Women and Mental Health. Also not to be missed.

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