The Need for Grit and Determination in Achieving Recovery
Mental Health: Hope and RecoverySeptember 29, 2023

The Need for Grit and Determination in Achieving Recovery

Who knew grit and determination could be so essential to the pursuit and achievement of recovery from mental health issues? Valerie and Helen begin with a brilliant book, "Grit," by Angela Duckworth, and go on to explore the impact of grit on mental health. They begin with the basic definition: "Grit is a combination of passion and perseverance for a long-term goal." From there, their research ushers the listener into a wide range of possibilities and positive outcomes for those who use grit to battle overwhelming psychiatric conditions. It can bolster almost any phase of treatment, and can spur an individual to long-term, strategic applications of grit to the complex challenges of mental illnesses. They find references and testimonials to the importance of grit in a large number of highly influential figures, from Confucius to Charles Darwin to Dolly Parton to Nelson Mandela. In addition, Helen and Valerie tell of the indispensable presence of grit in their own stories of life in recovery.

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